It is located on a site that was formerly a bakery, which is why it was given the name “the oven”. It is a quiet place to sleep and the scenery is incomparable. It has been built a few years ago and has been done in a way that does not clash with the surroundings of the village because it has a medieval and Roman charm with its balconies and stone facades.

I am a normal person, close, polite and kind. I like tranquility, that’s why I love the countryside and the countryside. I have been collecting stamps from the Philatelic Service since 1973. I like all sports. There are tennis and basketball games that I can’t watch because of nerves. I enjoy cycling on trails and roads.

The neighborhood is absorbed by the town itself as it is very small and we are in the area of the Church of San Nicolas 20 meters from the road to Santiago just past the Roman bridge of the river Meruelo.