Castrillo del monte

The Paradasolana stream gets lower and lower and the mountains get higher and higher: to the left Peñas Agudas, which culminates in the Pico Torrecillas of 1,544 m of altitude.

Climbing up the Robledo and more climbing until you reach about 1,000 m altitude at which is Castrillo del Monte. Upon arrival the road divides in two, one goes to the neighborhood of Arriba and the other to Abajo. In the latter stands the tower of the church of San Roque, annex of Paradasolana.

There are houses that are still standing and signs of reconstruction in some. Most of them have collapsed. The church, in high, without roof, conserves the cover and a robust tower.

Like Paradasolana, Castrillo del Monte belonged to the jurisdiction of the Land of Bembibre, of which the Count of Alba de Liste was lord. Castrillo del Monte in 1960 had 65 inhabitants and in the following ten years it lost all of them.

In the 1990s there were two houses inhabited for some time, one by Antonio and the other by Marino. Castrillo del Monte is a village with a lot of water.

Three streams cross each other. From the neighborhood of Arriba, where there is a large spring, part of the road by which we can reach Matavenero.

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