We come up from Molinaseca to an altitude of 1,150 m when we enter El Acebo, 11 km from Molinaseca.

On the right the access to Compludo – interesting route – shortly after, we find the monument in memory of the pilgrim Heinrich Kraose, who died on August 13, 1987 in a bicycle accident.

The metal monument, made by Eulogio Pisabarro, consists of a bicycle, the staff, the pumpkin and the shell of Santiago.

We enter its almost unique Calle Real and on the right we see the belfry tower of the church of San Miguel, from the sixteenth century, with an interesting baroque altarpiece inside and in it the Romanesque image of Santiago, a Savior of the traditional type Christ-master.

At the exit of El Acebo there is the fountain of La Trucha, and soon we begin to see the heir poles of those eight hundred that were obliged to put, in exchange for various exemptions, from the time of the Catholic kings, which are published in full in the book “Privilegios de El Acebo”, published in 2012.

These kings protected the pilgrims’ hospital, which acquired great importance during the 16th and 17th centuries.


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Mesón El Acebo

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