The route begins in the Bosque del Nacimiento. This forest is formed by trees planted for each birth or adoption in our municipality, each tree has an identification plaque with the name and date of birth of each child.

The objective of this municipal initiative called “Echa Raíces en Molinaseca” is to create a forest in which each tree is twinned with a child of the municipality, encouraging respect for the environment among children and strengthening the feeling of rootedness with our municipality.

From the Mirador del Bosque del Nacimiento we continue on to the Soto viewpoint. From both you can enjoy impressive views of Molinaseca, as well as the varied vegetation.

The route connects with the route of Las Puentes de Malpaso and you can continue along it or return to Molinaseca.


The route allows you to enjoy the landscape and the varied vegetation where you can find among others chestnut trees, oaks, holm oaks, cherry trees, strawberry trees, rowan trees, walnut trees, undergrowth such as broom, broom and aromatic plants.