The rugged mountains give way to the flat orchards and slopes with vines.

Pressed between mountain and sky, the river Meruelo, of clear water with wind of heights, opens its lung, fragrant of heather and broom, next to the eyes of the Roman bridge and its waters stop in a fluvial beach very celebrated by so many visitors who fleeing from the suffocating heat of the city give themselves a gift bathing in the magnificent, pure and clean waters of the river Meruelo, that is what its name means.

 And, especially for the pilgrims who pass through here in summer, its waters are like the gift of a god protector of the walker.

Molinaseca also offers other attractions for visitors and pilgrims.

Strolling through its streets is to breathe a unique air of antiquity and lordship, of tradition and modernity, of great Jacobean flavor.

Streets full of flowers with typical Bierzo houses. D. Bernardo de Aldrete, canon of Granada, returning from Compostela in the early eighteenth century, said on arriving at Molinaseca: Good place with good houses of three sobrados and very much to the citizen and good church and towers.

The Villa is a Historic-Artistic Site declared BIC on 20/9/1975.

Its numerous restaurants and inns are justly famous for good food, being some of its typical dishes the caldo berciano, botillo and empanada de batallón, without forgetting the so renowned sausages here -for the good sausages the air has elf in Molinaseca- and the full range of the gastronomy of the Bierzo: cecina, roasted peppers and lacón, androlla, lamb, kid, trout, octopus a la berciana… And for dessert almendrados, roscas, roscones, the reineta apple pie, or chestnuts and figs in syrup, all accompanied by good wine from Bierzo and different types of brandies.

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain

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In 2020 Molinaseca and its municipalities entered the list of “Most Beautiful Villages of Spain” thanks to its history, landscapes, and entertainment.


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Albergue peregrinos Santa Marina

The Way Hotel Molinaseca

Casa María

El Capricho de Josana

Albergue Peregrinos Compostela

Casa Pichín - Morrosco

El camino I

El camino II

El rollo

Albergue San Roque

Albergue Señor Oso

Casa Blanquita

The Way Hostel

San Nicolás

Molina Real

La Pájara pinta

El Reloj

La Torre de Babel

El Palacio

El Horno


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Casa Pichín

El Capricho de Josana

Casa Ramón

Mesón El Palacio

Mesón Real

Parrillada María Cañas

Puente Romano

De Floriana Eventos

Gastrobar El Bordon

Las Meigas de Josema

Bars and wineries

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Bar Girón

Bar Ramonin

Bar Los Cerezos

Bodega El Labrador

Café bar Donde María

Bodega El Camarero

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Statistical data of Molinaseca

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