Ambrós Irrigation

It is a clean and well-kept village, with the fountains of: San Sebastian, Santa Maria Magdalena and the one in the square, good drinking water fountain from 1954 with donation tombstone.

In the Plaza de la Paz, before the fountain, there is a signpost to the Puentes de Malpaso, an old branch of the road from Santiago to Los Barrios. We go down Las Cancillas street to the meadows of the arroyo de las Presas and continue as a path through the meadows and to the right of the stream, to the Puente Grande.

Riego belonged to the bishopric of Astorga and later was a royal place. It had a pilgrims’ hospital, identified as S. Juan de Irago, which disappeared in a fire at the end of the 18th century.
Its houses, of interesting rural architecture, are lined up along the Camino, which enters next to the hostel and the hermitage of San Fabián y Sebastián.
We, in the opposite direction, enter next to the parish church of Santa María Magdalena, of which we first see the belfry tower with large bells. It is from the XVI century, and its baroque main altarpiece and the magnificent tabernacle stand out.
The festivities are on July 22 in honor of the patron saint. The Virgin of the Rosary, the most artistically outstanding carving, is also venerated.


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The Riego Pension

Riego de Ambrós Municipal Shelter

The Spinners


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