Nature opens to the sky enormous wounds, stumps like cut cries, open veins bleeding silence, the dreadful stillness of impotence. In the sky flies a pair of eagles without moving their wings. A model of destruction of the natural environment.

At 700 m was one of the sources left in poor condition by the iron mining operations, today the water comes out of a grassy area between poplar thickets.

The waters, classified as ferruginous and mixed bicarbonate, are indicated for the treatment of kidney, urinary tract, digestive system and gynecology. They came here from far away to “drink the waters” that made the town famous during the first third of the 20th century, of which some would say: “Goodbye waters of Parada / goodbye, mineral waters / you took our quarters / and left us the ills”.

There is also another fountain in the Solano neighborhood.

At the end of the track there is a path that leads us – on a divide on the left – over Folgoso del Monte after 6 km and if we continue for 5.6 km more, to the aforementioned track coming from Foncebadón and which serves Matavenero and Enagás, after reaching heights of over 1200 m. They are good routes. Another older mountain road led to Folgoso del Monte after the first houses.

Paradasolana is cut in two halves by the deep valley opened by the river: the neighborhood of Arriba or Solana, to the right of the river, where the parish church is located and where the two or three families that resist the winter live, and the neighborhood of Abajo or Abesedo, to the left of the river, on a small hill at the confluence of the stream of Las Tejedas with that of Paradasolana.

In the summer the village comes alive. Especially on August 15, when the feast of the Angustias is celebrated. In the Abesedo we see a fountain and the chapel of Nª Sª de la O. The image is in a niche in the small tower. In the interior, very meager, there is an image of San Roque of popular style. In Solano is the parish church of San Esteban.

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