Las Tejedas

This beautiful town is located at an altitude of 1,960 meters. In 1970 it no longer had any of the 19 inhabitants it had in 1960.

Brambles and nettles grow among the collapsed houses. The village is no longer politically registered, although since May 2012 Iñaqui, his mother and his sister -who comes on weekends from Ponferrada, where she studies- have been living there.

They are rebuilding a house and do not plan to leave.

From Las Tejedas, continuing up the valley, we would arrive at Manjarín, and we would lose the path that through the Acebalón valley and Cuervos mountain, to the right, would leave near Foncebadón.

By a plank bridge made by Iñaqui, we went up to the church of San Esteban -anejo de Folgoso del Monte- on the other side of the stream and on the bank of another one, the Campón, which pours its waters here into the Tejedas.

Of the church the tower is conserved without humiliation and the front, of well arranged voussoirs in half point, of the rest nothing, except a baptismal pile, neither that robust confessional of wood of chestnut tree to which the force of the sins was not able to abate before, nor the attacks of the intemperie now – that we said years ago-. It also mentions a hospital founded by the clergyman Juan Estébanez, mainly for pilgrims, who donated it to the bishop of Astorga in 1124.

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