At Encima Wines, wine tourism experiences also have tasting notes.
The best score is that you enjoy your visit.


From the tasting room you can contemplate our didactic vineyard, which gathers all the varieties of the Bierzo Denomination of Origin.


Soak up the intense aroma of the soil that nourishes our wines and gives them their character during visits to the vineyard.


Discover the textures of each Bierzo grape variety, touch vines, leaves and fruits with your own hands in our didactic vineyard.


Enjoy the silence in which our wines rest in their tanks and barrels and the joyful sound of uncorking a bottle in the winery itself.


You can come and visit us during every month of the year. Except in September, harvest time.

Wine tourism schedule: from Monday to Friday in the morning at 12:00h or in the afternoon at 18:00h.

Fill in the form with your reservation details and you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT. Please make sure to let us know of your visit well in advance, so that we have everything ready for your wine tourism experience (minimum 48 hours prior to your reservation). Thank you!