Molinaseca – Riego De Ambros – Molinaseca Route

Leaving the parking of Molinaseca we go to the fluvial beach, passing the Puente de los Peregrinos (Pilgrims Bridge) we go up the Maticas. We border Valdecarrizo, turn off towards El Garapollo, continue towards Monte Couso in the direction of Riego de Ambrós passing through an impressive chestnut grove.

From the village of Riego de Ambrós we start the descent towards Molinaseca to finish the route. This last section allows us to choose between two routes, descending along the Camino de Santiago or linking with the Ruta de las Puentes de Malpaso.

1. Departure from Molinaseca through Maticas

2. Signaling of R4 and R5 bifurcation.

3. Entrance to Riego de Ambrós

4. Departure from Riego de Ambrós along the Camino de Santiago.

5. Descent to Molinaseca. Soto de Castaños

6. Arrival at Molinaseca on the Camino de Santiago