This route runs through the villages of the municipality, some of which are no longer inhabited.  Leaving Molinaseca we go to Riego de Ambrós by the Malpaso Bridges (if by bike we recommend the ascent to Riego by road) passing Riego we arrive at the Erillina from where we descend to the valley of the Tejedas. 

We continue our route towards Folgoso del Monte, Castrillo del Monte and the neighborhood of Abesedo or neighborhood below Paradasolana to go to Onamio, during this route we can see the old mining exploitation of “Coto Wagner”, the collapse of the galleries of the mines and the calcination furnace where the ore was treated. From there we return to Molinaseca to finish the tour. The route also allows us to enjoy a natural environment among oak, chestnut, pine and poplar forests.

Start from Molinaseca. R1 and R7

2. Las Puentes de Malpaso. The Big Bridge

3. Informative sign in Riego de Ambrós.

4. Valley of the shingles

5. Folgoso del Monte

6. Viewpoint of Paradasolana

7. Coto Wagner - Onamio

8. Information sign in Onamio

9. Onamio

10. Arrival at Molinaseca. Junction with R2 Las Huertas

11. Molinaseca. R2 The orchards.