Leaving Riego de Ambrós we take the Camino de Santiago in the direction of El Acebo until we reach Erillina, where we start the descent to the valley of Las Tejedas. Once in the valley we cross the river twice and begin the ascent to the village of Acebo through a stretch included in the Mirada Circular, among holly, poplars and chestnut trees.

From Acebo we return to Riego de Ambrós along the Camino de Santiago to finish the route. This route crosses the river twice, because there are no bridges to cross it is advisable not to do it in times of high flow.

1. Riego de Ambrós Viewpoint

2. Bifurcation between the Camino de Santiago and the Camino de la Erillina.

3. Beginning of the descent to the shingle fields from Erillina.

4. Crossing of the stream of the tejedas

5 Descent to El Acebo along a section of the Mirada Circular.

6 Calle Real de El Acebo

7. Viewpoint of El Acebo

8. Ambrós irrigation. Calle Real