La Rosa del Agua is a beautifully restored stone and oak house with slate roofs typical of the Bierzo region of León and located directly on the Camino de Santiago. For 200 years this historic dwelling was the first sign of civilization and hospitality coming down the mountain from the Cruz de Ferro, welcoming the tired and hungry pilgrims of the 18th and 19th centuries on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

Proof of the history of La Rosa del Aguas is its delicately restored 18th century wood-burning stone oven, which once baked bread for its inhabitants and for the town of El Acebo de San Miguel.

The 6 cm thick oak exterior doors on each floor and their hardware also date from the 19th century. The guest common area includes an equally restored kitchen and dining room where our guests can prepare a complementary tea or coffee and enjoy it on the balcony overlooking the village, breathing in the fresh mountain air and disconnecting from the routine or curled up in the sitting area with a good book.

Guests can also find a small refrigerator with water, cold drinks and more. A kettle, coffee maker, toaster and microwave are at your disposal to make you feel at home. .